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Zoning Board Minutes


NOVEMBER 21, 2016

1. 7:00 meeting called to order.

2. Pledge of allegiance.

3. Roll call:
Present Cox, French, J. Zalobsky and K. Olson.
Absent L. Stephan
Also present Gwen Sievert, Linda Gay Olson, Curt Jansen, John Hoffman & Rick Harland as recording secretary.

4. Motion by Cox support by J. Zalobsky to approve minutes from July 18, 2016 with correction line 5 should be all, line 6 should be conditions (plural). Four, ayes, one absent. Motion carried.

5. Chair explains the formation, powers and duties of the zoning board of appeals and the public procedure to be followed. Four members were present. Chair explains that a majority of three votes is needed to take action. Variances are granted to the property, not to the owner. Chair reads 125.3606 MCL concerning appeals. An appeal under this section shall be filed within 30 days after the zoning board of appeals certifies its decision in writing or approves the minutes of its decision. Appeals of zoning decisions are made in circuit court.
Chair read into record 23.04C and 1, a,b,c &d, 2 a,b & c

6. Basic Conditions: Motion by J. Zalobsky support by K. Olson that all four basic conditions have been met. Foul ayes, one absent. Motion carried.

Special Conditions: Motion by K. Olson support by J. Zalobsky that 2B at least one of the special conditions has been met. Four ayes, one absent. Motion carried.

Administrative Standards: Motion by K. Olson support by Cox administrative standards have been met. Four ayes, one absent. Motion carried.

Question by Cox about excusing himself because he is a cousin to the petitioner. Discussion about ability to be fair and unbiased as well as a lack of potential for personal gain from any decision. The board chose to continue the hearing including Cox.

A comment was made that the petitioners property was nonconforming due to the fact that the depth is more than three times the width. Board noted that does create a legal nonconforming property and would have no impact on any decision.

7. Chair reads case:
Case # 16-06 Request for variance
Petitioner: John & Marianne Hoffman
Address : 122 Christine Circle Local Address: 1682 Holtcamp Lane
Grayling, MI 49738
Property ID # 040-45-880-00-001-00
Location: T26N, R4W SEC 10
Zoning: R-2
Lot size: 70 X 240
Request: Requesting a variance on the north side lot line of 4 and a rear lot line variance of 34 to build a 26 X 26 unattached garage.
Non-conformances: None known
Zoning justification: Ordinance 2010-02, Sec, 23.04C Petitioner Hoffman explained his request in detail.

Mrs. Sievert and daughter Linda were given an opportunity to explain their objections and concerns.

Recording secretary Harland read all correspondence. Harland addressed an issue on letter #1 stating that zoning justification on the public notice 16.07 was incorrect. Harland explained that it was incorrect and was corrected to 23.04C on the notice that was published. (letters on file)

Extensive discussion followed with many questions and considerations.

Motion by J. Zalobsky support by to approve Case #16-06 as presented. (work sheets on file)
Roll call vote:
K. Olson Aye
Cox Aye
French - -Aye
J. Zalobsky Aye
L.Stephan Absent
Motion carried.

8. Motion by Cox support by K. Olson to adjourn. Four ayes, one absent. Meeting ends 9:02 p.m. 

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