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Planning Commission Minutes


October 25, 2017

1. 7:00 meeting called to order by Chair Gosnell.

2. Pledge of allegiance.

3. Roll call:
Present Gosnell, Michal, Cox, and Dedenbach
Absent - Robson
Also present Tom Crandall, Tabitha Crandall, Joel Money, Lacey Stephan, Denise Cline, Bob Dixon and Rick Harland as recording secretary.

4. Motion by Michal support by Dedenbach to approve minutes from August 30, 2017. Four, ayes. One absent. Motion carried.

5. Close regular meeting. Open public hearing. Motion by Cox support by Dedenbach. Four ayes, one absent. Motion carried.

6. Case #17-04SU SPR Request for Special Use and Site Plan Review
Petitioner: Tom Crandall
103 S Whirlpool Rd
Grayling, MI 49738
Property address: Same
Grayling, MI 49738
Property ID#: 040-45-120-00-019-00
Location: Sec. 1, T26N, R3W
Zoning: R-F Recreational Forest
Lot size: 4.5 acres + or -
Request: Requesting a special use permit for small engine and auto repair. Also requesting a site plan review for same as required by Article XIX section 19.01 to 19.03.
Non-conformances: Legal non-conforming, if any
Zoning justification: Ordinance 2010-02, Article IX, Section 9.03-9.04

Tom Crandall explains request in detail, answered questions.
Harland reads 2 letters in opposition (on file).
Joel Money ask questions about fence & blight.

7. Close public hearing, open regular meeting. Motion by Michal support by Cox. Four ayes, one absent. Motion carried.

8. Board discussed case #17-04SU in detail. Motion by Dedenbach support by Cox to approve with following conditions:
That fence meets code & ordinance, also fence starts at widening of driveway beyond swale per revised site plan.
All junk to be kept behind fence. Contaminated material & fluids must be disposed of properly.
Must continue to comply to Grayling Township Blight Ordinance.
Roll call vote:
Cox Aye
Gosnell Aye
Michal Aye
Dedenbach Aye
One absent.
Motion carried.
Petitioner will supply revised site plan for members review.

9. Work shop with Denise Cline on zoning revisions.

10. November meeting date changed per Zoning Administrator Harland. Special Meeting Tuesday, November 14, 2017, 5:00 PM.

11. No last minute additions or matters.

12. Motion by Cox support by Michal to adjourn meeting. Four ayes, one absent. Motion carried.

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