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Planning Commission Minutes


MARCH 29, 2017

1. 7:00 meeting called to order by acting Chair Gosnell.

2. Pledge of allegiance.

3. Roll call:
Present – Gosnell, Michal, Cox and Dedenbach
Absent - Robson
Also present –Rick Harland as recording secretary and others see attachment A.

4. Motion by Dedenbach support by Michal to approve minutes from February 22, 2017. Four, ayes. One absent. Motion carried.

5. Motion by Dedenbach support by Michal to have Gosnell as acting chair. Four ayes, one absent. Motion carried.
Acting Chair Gosnell explained Robert Rules of Order to ensure an orderly meeting giving everyone the chance to comment on request. An explanation was given that if the vote was 2 for and 2 against, a tie, that no decision could be made as Jim Robson the fifth board member was absent. The petitioner requested to have a decision made when a full board was present. The public hearing continued.

6. Case # 17-02SU Special Use
Petitioner: Ryan Halstead
900 Richardson Rd.
Grayling, MI 49738
Property address: Same
Grayling, MI 49738
Property ID#: 040-41-001-11-020-00
Location: Sec. 1, T26N, R3W
Zoning: R-F Recreational Forest
Lot size: 10 acres + or -
Request: Requesting a special use permit to operate a firewood process business.
Non-conformances: Firewood processing business
Zoning justification: Ordinance 2010-02, Section 11.04 G

Ryan presents case in detail.
Attorney Todd Nye (representing Ryan) gives more detail. Explains why he thinks it fits our ordinance. Nye provided a memorandum supporting his interpretation of ordinance for Special Use Permit.
Jeremy Hempel (neighbor) says it is loud and will impact property values.
Ryan defends his case.
Angela Hempel talked about safety and excessive noise, concerns about her children playing outside.
Joe Samero is in favor of wood processing and stated that noise is insignificant as well as increased truck traffic.
Gary Willoughby is in favor cannot hear equipment.
Lynn Cohen concerned about noise. Is noisy and bothers her, thinks it will negatively affect property values and quality of life. Lives a mile away.
Tim Wakeley for Donna Wakeley reads letter in favor of project.
Stephen Cohen is a retired attorney offended by Nyes letter does not allow for industrial business in Recreational Forest zoning and close to river.
Lucy McCraven can hear loud wood processing and road is already deteriorating. Expects quiet and peaceful neighborhood.
Brian Ludlum has no objection to noise says it’s tolerable.
Randy Blumke concerned about noise and property values.
Al Leng is in favor feels Ryan has a right to have a business on his property.
Wilma Case if permitted what’s next what will be allowed across the street or other residential areas.
Jennifer Fisher can hear it over a mile away and finds it annoying.
Eleven (11) letters opposed, two (2) in favor. (On file)

Closed public hearing.

7. Motion by Dedenbach support by Michal to appoint Gosnell as acting Chair. Four ayes, one absent. Motion carried.

8. Motion by Cox support by Michal to appoint Dedenbach as vice-chair. Four ayes, one absent. Motion carried.

9. Discussed next meeting date allowing all five members to be present.

10. Motion by Cox support by Michal to table and close meeting until the Planning Commission has a full board present. Four ayes, one absent. Motion carried.

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