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Planning Commission Minutes


NOVEMBER 30, 2016

1. 7:00 meeting called to order by chair Jansen.

2. Pledge of allegiance.

3. Roll call:
Present Jansen, Robson, Michal, Gosnell and Cox
Also present - Rick Harland as recording secretary and guests (see attached).

4. Motion by Michael support by Gosnell to approve minutes from September 28, 2016 with correction of no e in Michal. All, ayes. Motion carried.

5. Case # 16-08SD Special Determination (split)
Petitioner: Mike Duffy
3157 Brown Trout Trail
Grayling, MI 49738
Property address: Same
Grayling, MI 49738
Property ID#: 040-40-003-11-020-10
Location: T26 N, R2W Sec. 3
Zoning: RF Recreational Forest
Lot size: 2.33 acres + or -
Request: Selling a 62 X 324 + or piece of property to the adjoining property owner.
Non-conformances: Legal non-conforming
Zoning justification: Ordinance 2010-02, Section 1701, 17.02, F

Open meeting to public hearing.
Discussed case after no public comment.
Motion by Gosnell support by Michal to approve. All ayes. Motion carried. (work sheets on file)

6. Case# 16-09SU Special use
Petitioner: Ryan Halstead
Address: 900 W Richardson Rd
Grayling, MI 49738
Local address: Parcel A adjoins 398 N I 75 Business loop, to the north
Grayling, MI 49738
Property ID# A part of 040-44-031-14-020-02
Location: T26N, R3W, Sec. 6
Lot size: 2.27 + or
Request; Requesting a special use for the sale and display of firewood and other seasonal goods include retail and wholesale. This will include running a wood processor, a skid steer and loader, receiving pulp wood and loading of semis for wholesale distribution.
Non-conformance: None
Zoning justification: Ordinance 2010-02, Section 8.03 E, 20.01 F

Halstead presented request with detailed explanation.
Hempel, Cohen, Kraycs, Baker, Leng, Stephan, Mott and Hodges made statements and asked questions.
Some for some against and some neutral.
Decibel levels measured under the maximum OSHA limits.
Closed public hearing.
Chair Jansen read two letters not in favor (on file). Followed by very detailed review with many questions and extended discussion.

Motion by Robson support by Gosnell to approve special use request #16-09SU in accordance to the procedures set forth in Article XVIII and site plan meeting the requirements of Article XIX.
Roll call vote:
Robson - Aye
Cox- Aye
Jansen No
Michal No
Gosnell Aye
Three in favor, two opposed. Motion carried. (work sheets on file)

7. Appointment of officers: Motion by Cox support by Robson to remain the same. Curt Jansen, Chair, James Robson, Vice-Chair and James Cox, Secretary. All ayes. Motion carried.

8. Motion by Cox support by Gosnell to adjourn. All ayes. Motion carried.

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