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Board of Trustees Minutes


JUNE 15, 2016

Members Present: Cindy Olson, JoAnn Michal, Rick Harland, Duane Brooks, Bruce Zalobsky.

Members Absent: Monica Ashton.

Others Present: Marc Dedenbach, Lonnie Stevens.

1. Supervisor called the meeting to order at 10:00 a.m.

2. Correspondence and Reports for May 2016 (No action required): Animal Control Report, Central Dispatch Report, Attorney Report, GFD Activity Report.

3. Motion by Zalobsky, second by Brooks, to approve minutes of May 18, 2016 as presented. Ayes, six; Nays, none; Absent, one. Motion carried.

4. Treasurerís Report for May 2016 was reviewed and placed on file.

5. The Building Department is busy.

6. Citizens Who wish to speak: Lonnie Stevens, Warner Drive, complained of problems with neighbor across street regarding junk cars, tires, trailer, auto parts. Looks like junkyard. Please follow through with blight complaints. Harland discussed process for blight complaints. Property owner is encouraging us to clean up and put Special Assessment on tax bill.

7. Assessor Position: Have hired Mike Houserman as Assessor. He and his wife, Jamie, are doing the 100% parcel audit. Salary is part-time based. When audit is completed he will be considered for full-time. Mike was introduced and did a review of their progress.

8. CCEDP Update: Met this morning. Group is growing. Businesses are inquiring about buying property at Four Mile.

9. Utility Authority has submitted pre-application for 3.2 million grant for water and sewer. Working on grant application and easements.

10. Recycling Update: It appears we are heading toward recycling for only Grayling Township. Some requests have come in to provide recycling for the City and Beaver Creek Township. County surcharge may have to be increased. Little League is attending meetings. They plan to vacate the North Down River Road fields at end of season.

11. G. C. T. Planning Commission is reviewing the Zoning Ordinance. G.C.T. Zoning Board of Appeals has three cases pending.

12. Motion by Brooks, second by Zalobsky, to pay bills when prepared. (See claims on vouchers 13760 through 13794 and Liquor Inspections of $80.00 for a grand total of $42,406.93.) Ayes, six; Nayes, none; Absent, one. Motion carried.

13. Motion to adjourn by Brooks, second by Zalobsky, carried. Ayes, six; Nays, none; Absent, on.

Minutes recorded by C. Olson, in absence of Clerk
Minutes submitted by Monica Ashton, CMC,
Grayling Charter Township Clerk

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