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Board of Trustees Minutes


DECEMBER 16, 2015

Members Present: Duane Brooks, JoAnn Michal,

Bruce Zalobsky, Cindy Olson, Monica Ashton, Rick Harland.

Members Absent: Dennis Long.

Others Present: Dan Sanderson, Danielle Stein-Seabolt, Bob Dixon, Mike Ingalls.

1. Supervisor Harland called the meeting to order at 10:00 a.m.

2. Correspondence and Reports for November 2015 (No action required): Animal Control Report, Central Dispatch Report, Attorney Report, GFD Activity Report, Building Dept. Report.

3. Motion by Zalobsky, second by Brooks, to approve minutes of November 18, 2015 as presented. Ayes, six; Nays, none; Absent, one. Motion carried.

4. Treasurerís Report for November 2015 was reviewed and placed on file.

5. Bob Dixon, Building Inspector, gave an update on various projects in the Township.

6. Supervisor Report: Harland relayed that he was told the ARAUCO property transfer from State of MI. has been closed. Clearing trees and excavating in Spring 2016. Planned opening third quarter of 2017. Utility Authority: City will work with us to expand sewer/water system. Other: City/Township tractor has arrived.

7. Planning Commission: John Whittaker will not be able to serve his appointment to the Planning Commission as confirmed by this Board last month. Therefore, we are again searching for a replacement to fulfill Guy Rothís term.

8. Zoning Board of Appeals: We regretfully acknowledge the passing of Ron Fiebelkorn, Chairman of Grayling Township Zoning Board of Appeals. We are appreciative of his many years of service. This, however, leaves a vacancy that must be filled in January.

9. Motion by Brooks, second by Olson, to authorized supervisor to notify the County Treasurer that Grayling Charter Township is not interested in purchasing unsold tax foreclosure property parcels 040-40-017-05-080-00 and 040-45-764-02-001-00. Ayes, six; Nays, none; Absent, one. Motion carried.

10. Danielle Stein-Seabolt, Main Street Manager, provided the Board with Graylingís Michigan Main Street annual report and results of business survey.

11. Motion by Ashton, second by Olson, to amend the General Fund Budget to Increase Economic Development (728-804) by $3,000.00 and Decrease Community Promotion and Grants (248-880 & 881) by $3,000.00. Ayes, six; Nays, none; Absent, one. Motion carried,

12. Motion by Brooks, second by Zalobsky, to approve payment of claims on vouchers 13276, 13298 through 13327, Liquor inspections of $80.00 and Blue Cross Premium of $9,992.51 for a grand total of $40,065.56. Ayes, six; Nays, none; Absent, one. Motion carried.

13. Motion to adjourn by Brooks, carried. Ayes, six; Nays, none; Absent, one.

Monica Ashton, C.M.C.

Grayling Charter Township Clerk

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