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FEMA has recently mapped our area for flooding risk and has issued Flood Insurance Rate Maps. On 4/17/2012 the FIRM’s went into effect. The effected municipality’s only choice was to enroll in FEMA’s National Flood Insurance Program, allowing residents to purchase flood insurance through FEMA (at a substantial savings compared to other insurance providers) or not enroll. As a result our residents would have to find an insurance company that would sell coverage (very limited) and at this time, at a much higher cost. Grayling Charter Township enrolled in FEMA’S National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) 4/18/2012. As of 6/05/2012 the enrollment process was completed and our residents are able to secure FEMA flood insurance through an authorized agent. At this time cost for flood insurance is less when purchased from FEMA’s NFIP.

If you have no mortgage on your property or are with a lender not requiring you to buy flood insurance then flood insurance would be optional. If you have received a letter from your lender stating that you are in the flood plain and required to purchase flood insurance, please consider these suggestions to simplify the process and hopefully reduce the cost.

Locate your property on FEMA’s most recent Flood Insurance Rate Maps, (Grayling Charter Township Office or Crawford County Equalization Department) to verify your property is in the flood plain. You are in the flood plain if any portion of your property touches the flood plain, basically all river and lake area properties. FEMA requires flood insurance only if your structure is in the flood plain and you have a government backed mortgage. Your lender could require you to carry flood insurance even if FEMA does not. If it is determined that your structure is clearly outside the flood plain you may contact the County Equalization Department (989-344-3235). Supply all information requested and they will submit an exemption for “out as shown”. If it is determined that your structure is out of the flood plain, FEMA and or your lender might consider your property “out as shown” and not require flood insurance.

If “out as shown” is not acceptable to FEMA or your lender and you feel that your structure is not in the flood plain you can hire a flood plain survey on your property. If your structure is not in the flood plain your surveyor will prepare a (LOMA or LOMR) Letter of Map Amendment/Revision. Either of these letters will indicate that your structure is not in the flood plain. Again, flood insurance would not be required by FEMA. Your lender could still require flood insurance. Options might be paying off your lender, or seek a lender not requiring flood insurance.

Here are some ways to reduce the expense of surveys and flood insurance. If you are obviously in the flood plain you can choose to not to get a survey, simply purchase flood insurance. If you want a professional determination you can save money on a survey by getting together with your neighbors and request a discount typically given to groups in the same area wanting surveys.

If it is determined your structure is in the flood plain and you must purchase flood insurance, contact your local insurance agent or others in the area to see if they are a participating agent for NFIP. If you can’t find a local agent that is set up to sell flood insurance through FEMA’s NFIP go to Go to “find agent” fill in required information it will give you the closest agent set up with FEMA’s NFIP.

If it is determined through a survey your structure is in the flood plain and don’t purchase flood insurance, your lender will purchase insurance and you will be charged for it. Read your notification carefully or contact your lender to understand how the forced coverage works and the cost related to that coverage.

Here are several surveyors in our area, listed in alphabetical order.

Karol Grove,

Marv Meyers,

Shawn Middleton,

If you have questions regarding FEMA’s flood plain insurance, please feel free to contact the Grayling Charter Township Office, 989-348-4361

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