Grayling Charter Township, Live, Work, Play, Where Nature Surrounds

Zoning Ordinances

Article I Short Title and Purpose
Article II Rules and Definitions
Article III General Provisions
Article IV Supplemental Regulations
Article V Districts and Map
Article VI Single-Family Residential District
Article VII General Residential District
Article VII-A General Residential District
Article VIII General Commercial District
Article IX Heavy Commercial District
Article X Industrial District
Article XI Recreational-Forest District
Article XII Deferred Development District
Article XIII Planned Unit Development District
Article XIV Planned Industrial District
Article XV Reserved for Future Use
Article XVI Natural River District
Article XVII Schedule of Regulations
Article XVIII Special Use Permits
Article XIX Site Plan Review
Article XX Site Development Standards
Article XXI Administration
Article XXII Enforcement
Article XXIII Zoning Board of Appeals
Article XXIV Severability and Enactment
Ordinance Book Index
Zoning Map (841 kB)
Anti-noise Ordinance
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